Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"What's on your mind?"

This afternoon, I sat and stared at my Facebook page and the "What's on your mind?" prompt. I was due to update my stale status from last Saturday and everything that was running through my head seemed wrong to post.

Here were some of my thoughts:


is having a personal pity party.

Is tired and overwhelmed.

Is broke.

Feels guilty spending money on anything, even groceries.

Mourns the loss of cable TV.

Wonders how much she needs to give up.

Fears losing her home.

Is feeling sick.

Is out of patience with her children.

Got pooped on today.

Wonders why she even bothered dressing her son before she fed him oatmeal.

Has a mountain of dirty laundry to wash.

Aches all over.

May be fighting depression.

Needs wisdom.

Needs strength.

Wants to just cry.

Wonders what is wrong with her aching body.

Needs a sinus vacuum.

Is too tired to care about much of anything.

Needs a break.

Is humbled by generous gifts from others.

Knows God still cares.

Knows this is temporary.

Feels God's presence.

Hopes that she doesn't waste this suffering.

Prays that God grows her through this.

Knows that God's strength is sufficient.

Prays that she will be a witness to God's strength and abiding love
through all of this.

Is at peace despite her circumstances.

Knows God is in control!

I know that this might seem a little raw and honest, but it has been a rough day
for me. I have allowed myself to become stressed about my circumstances
which is not a good thing. On top of that, I am not feeling very well. It feels like it would be just easier to stay in bed. But through my personal pity party, amazingly, I can't help but still feel God's presence. What I KNOW to be true keeps flooding in. These are temporary circumstances and I know God is allowing us to be dragged through this valley for a purpose. I also know that God will not give us more than we can handle. He clearly tells us so in His Word and I believe it.

So, sorry for the pity party here. But I know that I am not the only one going through difficult circumstances right now. It is my prayer that God's strength can uphold you, as well, through your tough season, too. If you are in need of prayer for anything, it would be my privilege and honor to pray with you and for you. Feel free to comment here or e-mail me through the contact box on the lower right side of this page.


the Provident Woman said...

Keep going. Things will get better.

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