Monday, November 16, 2009


I believe that I have discussed this before...priorities. Well, here I go again because this is something that I struggle with. I have a full and busy life. I always have more to do in a day than there are hours or I have energy for. That is just a fact. So, therefore, I need to prioritize my tasks. I need to make sure the most important things get done first to insure that they do get done.

When I take the time each morning to make a list and note my M.I.T.s (most important tasks), I usually feel like I accomplish more. Some days I struggle with this discipline. Even when I do get it done, I also struggle with staying on task because what I feel NEEDS to get done is not what I feel overly motivated to do. I will have the bug to clean out a closet or do a project that is low on the list of priorities. I wonder if this is just a rebellious spirit in me that is fighting my desire to be disciplined and organized.

On the other hand, when I am feeling passionate about something, I usually can get so much done, so I hate to waste that motivation. I suppose I need to bribe myself. If I can get the less desirable, yet important, tasks done first, then I can do the fun tasks.

I do believe these priorities are the key to successfully accomplishing all that I need to do. I know that God does not give me more to do than I have time for or am able to accomplish. However, I DO need to be efficient with the time and seek to do His will. Perhaps some of the things I THINK I need to do are really just part of my own agenda and not God's.

I am currently studying the book of John in Bible Study Fellowship. Last week we learned about Jesus' inner life and thoughts in regard to His relationship with His Father. The point was brought up that His mind and desires were completely taken up at every moment with doing His Father's work. This is the source of Jesus' peace, security, assurance and joy. I am thinking to myself, "I want that!" I want the security of knowing that what I am doing at every moment is the right thing. I want to know that what I am teaching my children is the right choice for who they are and what God has planned for them. To have that security, I need to be in tune with God every day all day. I need to be completely taken up with doing my Father's work. I don't think that this is an easy task. It is a challenge for this weak, undisciplined woman. But I am striving for this because isn't our goal to become more like Jesus?

So, priorities....I am handing them over to God. Lord, create my to do list for me and prioritize it according to Your Will. I am listening with pen and paper ready.

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