Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Indiana Beach

We took a day trip to Indiana Beach yesterday with our 4-H club. It was a perfect day and no crowds!

Our club goes every year, but we have never been able to go in previous years. I am so glad that Barry was able to get the day off work and we could make this happen. Our younger kids have never really been to an amusement park before and it was a really fun experience. Having never been to Indiana Beach, we weren't sure what to expect. Although it is not a big park compared to say Cedar Point, it has some nice big roller coasters as well has lots of smaller rides for the younger set. I spent a good chunk of my day in Kiddie Land which has a nice amount of rides for the wee ones. Another mom told me she started her kids as young as 10 month on these rides. I was, however, able sneak away with the big kids at one point to ride a few of the big rides. My favorite was the Steel Hawg which was smooth and flips you upside down.

Patrick's fave was by far the bumper cars followed closely by the antique cars. I bet he rode these about 20 times! He wasn't into the bigger rides, too much. We had to really sweet talk him to get him on the log ride and Barry said he quivered through the whole thing. Oh well, there's plenty of car rides.

Abi turned out to be more of a daredevil. She wasn't tall enough for any of the coasters, but wanted to ride just about anything she could. Her fave and Anna's as well was the Tilt-A-Whirl. Here they are high fiving during the ride.

Anna wasn't as fond of the really big rides, but instead preferred the smaller stuff. She did run around with Elizabeth and another friend for awhile riding the big rides. Elizabeth ran around with friends for a lot of the day and rode about every big ride there.

Rachel was too short and got left out of most rides except the Kiddie ones. Here she is hanging with Daddy and watching the rest of the family.

All in all, it was a great day. We got home at 9:30pm and crashed into bed happy and exhausted.

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Indiana Beach 2009

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