Thursday, October 02, 2008

12 Weeks Until Christmas

Did you realize that it was time to start counting down to Christmas? The holiday season is upon us! Simple Mom reminded me yesterday that it is time to pull out my Holiday Planner and start getting to work.
Last year, I made the investment in this e-book holiday planner and it was incredibly helpful. The planner is designed to break up all the tasks needed to be done for the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) into weekly segments so that by the time Christmas rolls around everything is done and we can celebrate without stress. I didn't keep up with all of the tasks every week, but I found this such a benefit for us. I got much more done than I usually do, too. Most year I have really good intentions to do lots of baking and make a lot of my gifts, but I always run out of time. Last year I got a lot of this stuff actually done!
Although I highly recommend this e-book, if you don't have money in your budget to spend, Simple Mom is doing something similar on her blog. It is worth checking out. If nothing else, this is a good time to start thinking about your Christmas budget, who you need to buy for, and what holiday projects you are going to tackle this year. Lets make sure that this Christmas is a merry and stress-free one so we can focus on the REAL reason for the season, the true gift of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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the domestic fringe said...

Wow, great post! Can't wait till Christmas...I'm really in the spirit this year. I'm spending the next 11 weeks doing a Bible study called "Jesus, The One and Only". Merry Christmas to come.