Saturday, August 02, 2008

I May Have Fallen off the Face of the Earth

What a week! Between Vacation Bible School, getting sick enough to practically lose two days of my life, numerous apartment manager duties, and just plain running a household of seven, I've been whooped. Needless to say, not much time for blogging.

I feel like I am alive again after being pretty well knocked off my feet by some intestinal bug. That was not fun and I am praying that the rest of the household doesn't get hit by it. Right now, most of us are dealing with a summer cold, but I can live with that.
Yesterday, the kids and I spent the day at a friend's lake cottage with my bible study group. It was a great day full of water, fun, and fresh air. I expect my kids will not be getting up too early this morning because they were spent. The only exception might have been Rachel because she had enough ambition to strip her diaper off after we had tucked her into bed and pooping. I had heard her wake back up about an hour after putting her to bed and we decided to let her go in hopes that she would just fall back asleep, knowing how tired she was. When I went to check on her she had, but she was sleeping diaperless next to a pile of poo. Ick! So that was fun having to get her up, clean up poo, change her sheets and reclothe the tired, grumpy baby.

I've never had a stripper like this before. Rachel can wrangle herself out just about any outfit imaginable. Usually she has managed to do this after she wakes from a nap and there is only pee involved. I suppose this is a sign that we should start potty-training, but I haven't psyched myself up for this yet. Potty-training is a process that I truly have no love for. Even if you have a child that picks up on it quickly, it is at least a good 6 months before you can go out in public and not have to race to find a bathroom immediately after you hear them utter the words, "I have to go potty." And a child knows this and uses it whenever and wherever they get a bit bored. By the end of this process, I feel like I know every dirty public restroom in town intimately. But ultimately, I do want the end result. I mean, who wants a kid going off to college in diapers?

So, I need to dig out the little potty and the "Once Upon a Potty" book. Of course, with success, that means I also have to give up the security of corralling my little darling in a crib at bedtime. [sigh] I like knowing that my baby is in bed and not wandering the household during the night. Oh well, I guess it is inevitable; they have to grow up. I can certainly see that Rachel is eager to do so. Let's just hope I am!


anjanette said...

little rachel! whenever i see her, i'm actually surprised that she has all her clothes on...

you need to get her p.trained by january!

Thriftin and Craftin said...

Hey Trish-

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you and your family enjoy the Phill Cheesesteaks. If you make them, let me know! Get some rest if you can.

anjanette said...'s been a coupla weeks since this post. i'm starting to think you DID fall off the earth.