Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Corn on the Cob

Abigail: 17 1/2 months
Journaling reads:
Abigail had her first
Corn on the Cob
on Memorial Day.
She LOVED it
and ate the cob clean!

All the elements used here are by my friend, Mo: The backgrounds are from her June orphans, the daisies, and label used on the title are from her Caroline 2 set, and the butter and napkin are from Aunt Laura's Ice Cream. Oh! and the stitching is from her Stitches One set. All from her website www.mojackson.com

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Kim said...

I commented on this LO on SBB and stumbled upon your blog and thought, hey I recognize that LO! It is just totally cute! Great way to use the elements. Very nice blog too!